Little Tonton


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Lao Tzu


Little Tonton is not enjoying himself at the park.

Growing up, I’ve always been given antibiotics at the first sign of a developing cold or sore throat and this wrecked havoc on my gut microbiome which has directly impacted my mood and emotions. Combine this with my natural inclination to keep to myself and aggravated by the fact that many in my generation found escape in computer games. Countless teens from my generation, myself included, suffered the effects of not being able to develop their bodies and build relationships with their peers during the critical decade of their lives.

I lived most of my teenage years in my room, the screen of my laptop as my only way out into a virtual world. As a result, I grew up grumpy, anxious and depressed. I would isolate myself from people, fearful of their criticisms and judgment. I would sweat cold in the sheer presence of strangers. I hated reunions. I hated parties. My perception of the world was darkly shaded by my internal turbulence.

Thanks to Kevin, an old buddy of mine who pulled me out of my isolation and dragged me into the gym back in 2009, my body, not to mention my mind, had begun to slowly take a huge turnaround.


Fast-forward to today, which incidentally marks my fifth year as a coach in Planet Infinity, I have FOUND MYSELF and the meaning of my life in fitness as a coach and as an athlete. How I began being hooked in fitness might have seemed random back then but fitness gave me a second chance to chase excellence in my body as well as my relationships.

My dream now is to inspire many lives and show them that life may have dark valleys but it is beautiful, and that you and me, we are limitless. This is a call to action. Let’s face our past and our fears and let’s move forward and CREATE ourselves.

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