Tough Mudder Philippines 2018 (Gallery)


“You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.” — Denzel Washington

Earlier this month, a friend of mine urged me to join the first ever Tough Mudder in Asia. And of all countries, it’s happening in the Philippines! The Tough Mudder isn’t your typical fun run which is all about monotonous running and, ultimately, your finishing time. It is about diving into the mud, getting dirty, crawling through puddles of mud and poop, scaling muddy walls, and getting a bit bruised or maybe even getting a bit of an injury. The obstacles could only be accomplished by sheer team and group effort. The walls were too high, the mud hills were too steep, and the slopes too slippery. There was absolutely no way to reach the finish line without the help of either your teammates or even a total stranger right next to you.

There is wisdom in the mud. It teaches us to ditch our comfort zones and find joy in the midst of a dirty and lowly place.


I dragged my CrossFit photographer best friend, Patrick de Veyra @transitfeed, into taking the photos of me and Team Seve. All awesome shots featured here were taken by him. Thanks, Pat! You braved the obstacles and got yourself covered in mud just to take great shots. You da real MVP!

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