Bridging the Mind and Body: Feat. “The Van Gogh is Bipolar Mood Healing Tea”

“The time has come to empower ourselves to become the engineers of our own internal ecosystem, and our bodies, and our minds.” –Emeran Myers, MD

The Mind-Body Loop
Have you ever noticed that whenever you have stressful thoughts in your mind, your body starts feeling tensed, your breath shortens and your muscles feel stiff? Likewise, when you don’t feel comfortable about how you look, maybe you gained weight or haven’t been consistent with your workouts, negative thoughts start to creep in your mind?

This is the Mind-Body Loop, our body’s natural intelligence and mechanism to signal that something is out of balance. In this article, we’ll get to understand more about the connection between our emotions and our bodies and how their synergy is the bridge towards our well-being.

The Mood Wheel. We usually have 18 negative moods, which can be counter balanced by 6 different flavors of the Mood Healing Tea. Read on to learn more about them!

Understanding Emotions
Emotions are important bodily sensations and have an important role since our early days. They guide our decision making in times of danger and help us find a suitable partner and care for our children. Emotions also influence our tastes, our health, our perspectives. However, contrary to popular belief, emotions are not exclusively produced in the brain. Only in the past decade that researchers have found a second brain, the gut microbiome in our intestine, which plays an equally important role in regulating our mood, thoughts and well-being.

The Second Brain
It’s found that beneficial microbes in our gut communicate with the brain through a nerve that connects the intestines to the brain called the Vagus nerve. According to Dr. Emeran Myers, author of the Mind-Gut Connection, “Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species produce metabolites that reach the brain through the Vagus nerve. These metabolites stimulate the production of GABA and serotonin, neurotransmitters that modulate our emotions, pain sensitivity, well-being, mood and sleep.” With such conspicuous findings, researchers have nicknamed the nervous system of our gut bacteria, the “Second Brain.”

Our gut bacteria also creates a blood-brain barrier, meaning, they filter out harmful molecules that get into the bloodstream and to the brain. This filtration is 70% of our immune system at work. No wonder why our moods are related to our immune system. Most people who feel good about themselves or who always have a positive mindset tend to also have strong immune systems. It is therefore important to take care of these beneficial bacteria and help them proliferate. How? We do this by feeding them gut bacteria food called prebiotics.

“In our entire lifetime we would eat 20 tons of foreign molecules, and our bodies need a way to translate those molecules between friend or enemy.” –Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Phytonutrients from Mother Nature
Amidst all the pain, suffering and anxiety brought by pandemic, Mother Nature provides a silver lining. Not many realize that ever since the dawn of history, She has given us raw materials for shelter, natural food that promote our health, and Phytonutrients or nutrients found in plants, that proliferate our gut bacteria! Some of these Phytonutrients are even medicinal and can help remedy various illnesses.

Medicinal plants have been around since 1550 B.C. during the Sumerian Civilization and today, The Royal Botanic Gardens have documented 17,810 plant species that have medicinal use.

Jetro Rafael, owner of a local organic restaurant in Quezon City called Van Gogh is Bipolar, has researched and gathered some of the best local medical plants, mixed and matched them and created teas that would directly affect our gut bacteria and our moods. He calls this the Mood Healing Teas.

His intensive research was mainly driven by his own psychosocial and bipolar conditions. He’s a creative who loves to cook and he sought ways to naturally heal his mood swings through nutrients found in nature. In 2016, his dear loved one was diagnosed with cancer. Because of this, he doubled down on his research to nourish his partner with nothing but healing foods. Today he shares the secrets of Mother Nature and how She has been a source of healing to him and his parter. Now, his restaurant has become a popular destination not only for delicious, organic and “living” food, it’s also become a sanctuary to those who are seeking healing of the mind, body and soul. Jetro welcomes everyone, from all walks of life with unconditional love, a key to healing from their traumas and diseases.

The Mood Healing Tea
Today there are 6 flavors of the Mood Healing Tea, which affect 18 different moods. The teas range from stimulating to relaxing in increasing degrees. (Check out the Mood Wheel above to match a flavor to an emotion)

Each variant is made from different all natural ingredients from medicinal plants scientifically known to activate specific neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphin, gamma-Aminobutyric acid or GABA and others. (All FDA approved). These neurotransmitters affect mood, sleep, concentration and even bodyweight! After all, a healthy mindset leads to a healthy lifestyle and with a well-nourished body, fat loss is inevitable. Plus, all the variants contain polyphenols and potent compounds that regulate blood sugar.

Here are the different flavors, ingredients and benefits of the Mood Healing Tea.

Extra Upper: Spanish Plum and Roselle

Upper: Guava and Moringa

  • Guava leaves improve insulin sensitivity, blood sugar regulation and energy levels.(Source:
  • Moringa has amino acids for energy, lowers blood pressure and also regulates energy. (Source:

Happy Chill: Mango leaves and Turmeric

Light Chill: Banana and Lemongrass


  • Avocado leaves treats asthma symptoms, it’s relaxing, calming and relieves headaches and muscle pain. (Source:
  • Blue Pea Flower is a cognitive enhancer, aphrodisiac and stress reliever (Source:

Extra Calming: Guyabano and Lavender

Together with Jetro, I am selling these teas for an affordable price. We aim to spread the word about how we can all heal through nature’s precious nutrients. For orders, kindly fill up this form.

Every purchase supports The VGIB Love Project. The purpose behind this advocacy is to positively transform people who are dealing with psychosocial conditions. The VGIB provides free therapeutic services and sustains livelihood opportunities for people with various psychosocial conditions.

Note: the teas are not meant to replace medications and do consult with your physician before consuming.

Brain Benefits of Exercise
We’ll save this for another article since the benefits of exercise are staggeringly huge. However, I discuss it here because not only does exercise get us in shape, it has tremendous cognitive benefits, too–a great complement to the Mood Healing Teas for mind and body well-being. According to Dave Asprey in his book Head Strong, some these benefits of exercising include improved focus, creativity, sharper memory and lowered depression.

When you drink healthy mood healing nutrients everyday, you’ll feel good, but combine that with exercise and you’ll feel even better. As a fitness and nutrition coach, I always promote the combination of both so I’ve created a Mood Healing Workout that will go perfect with your tea. Your daily dose of Mood Healing Tea together with this easy workout will put your mind and body into happy and energized state.

Click here to access the workout.

“Most people don’t realize that their mood swings and uncontrollable anger are a direct result of a weakness in their brain.” –Dave Asprey, father of Biohacking and author of Head Strong

With all the stress and noise of our fast-paced lives, not to mention the anxiety brought by the COVID 19 pandemic, we can become numb or unaware of the warning signals our mind and body tell us. It is therefore important to bridge the gap between our mind and body by feeding ourselves properly and exercising purposefully. When we’re in a good mood, we become hopeful to the brighter side of life and we tend to take care of our bodies more. When we take care of our body, we feel good about ourselves. It’s a never ending loop of wellness!

Whenever life gets in the way and you feel stuck or even out of balanced, remember that there’s something you can always do. An easy hack is simply drinking some Mood Healing Tea which can bring you back to your journey of wellness. Go ahead and find your center again.

You deserve it!

“Self respect, self worth and self love, all start with self. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value.” –Rob Liano

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