When There is Chaos, Start with Compassion

After a year of pandemic lockdown, all of us have had our own share of chaos. Panic buying, extreme community quarantine, death of a loved one, job loss, hunger, government ineptitude and increasing rates of suicide. It has never been tougher for all of us and our collective grief are not only valid but very much needed.

But in the process of grieving, compassion is born. That is why for me, it is the best time to recognize and accept the birth of compassion. Not compassion to others, but first and foremost, compassion to ourselves.

Chaos does not last forever, otherwise we wouldn’t need to coin the term. Chaos is contained by order and is transformed into matter. Combustion is contained in an engine which then is transformed into energy to move a vehicle. In the same way, grief can be transformed by self-love into self-compassion.

Self-compassion the radical acceptance of who we are, our good and our bad, our light and our shadow. It is said that the hardest person to accept is ourselves but when we learn to surmount this mountain of self-compassion, it is where we learn how to be compassionate with others. Therefore, our capacity to love others is proportional to how we love ourselves. How we accept others reflects how we accept ourselves. What we judge in others, we judge in ourselves. How we better our society is how we better ourselves.

So let me invite you to embarking on an inward journey our radical self-compassion.

As a fitness lover, exercise, eating well and living an active life are some of the tools I use to pry open my door to self-compassion and as a coach I also hope to offer the same.

Through the process of forcing your body to move, you will see that your inner force is not only enough to affect change, but is very much needed in today’s chaotic society. Your pain in each training session is no different from pain in other areas of your life and through physical training, you will learn to overcome and transform this pain into something greater.

Year 2 of the pandemic is here. The challenge is great but the opportunity for change awaits.

Richard Liao

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit L1 Trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

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