Why Turmeric is Good for Athletes

As a regular exerciser, my body almost always feels sore. Sometimes not feeling sore feels… off and I know some of you can relate. When we exercise our body produces endorphins, a stress-relieving, pain-masking chemical similar to opioids. Because endorphins feel good, if left unchecked, training can be addictive. At the peak of my competitive training for CrossFit, my body would get regularly beat up and I enjoyed it. I craved the intensity (and the endorphins) so much that I failed to listen to my body’s warning signals to stop. Overtraining and adrenal fatigue soon took over. Now, I know better. Now, I consider my recovery more important than training. Even though my pursuits of being a competitive athlete and the training it demanded have taken a back seat, that doesn’t mean I don’t train hard anymore, it just means that when I train hard, I know I have to recover harder.

And when it comes to recovery, one of the most well-studied and potent superfoods out there is turmeric. This warm and bitter spice contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

When you’re training hard, your muscles actually tear up and anything that puts out this inflammation is good.

That is why aside from all the other benefits of turmeric—from increased mental clarity, lowers heart disease and prevent cancer—I drink turmeric for athletic recovery. Whenever I feel beat down and sore all over, a good blend of turmeric tea instantly soothes the pain and energizes me. 

Here’s my favorite turmeric tea blend:

1/4 tbsp Turmeric tea powder

1/8 tbsp Ground black pepper

1/4 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

1/2 tbsp Virgin coconut oil

1/ pinch Cinnamon

1/2 pinch Pink Himalayan salt

200ml hot water

Even if you’re just a regular exerciser and don’t consider yourself an athlete, you’ll have massive benefits from regularly drinking this tea blend. That’s because stress from every day problems cause inflammation and when left untreated for a long time can cause problems. Plus every other ingredient in this blend boosts health and wellness:

  • Black ground pepper to increase the absorbability of curcumin.
  • Pink Himalayan salt to add in minerals that improve muscle contraction and immunity.
  • Virgin coconut oil for energy and fighting off bacteria and viruses.
  • Apple cider vinegar for improved sugar metabolism.
  • Cinnamon for fragrance and insulin sensitivity.

So after a hard week of training, expect the inflammation to have piled up. Try this simple turmeric tea blend and let me know how you feel!

For questions and inquiries on how to best use this blend for your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

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