Your Fitness Program is a Health Investment

When we think of an investment, money is the first thing that comes to mind. We allocate our hard-earned money with the positive expectation of profit or material gain in the future. But there are other kinds of investments such as money, energy or time and it always requires a sacrifice in the present for a better, more secure  future. 

Your fitness program is no different. If money makes the world go around, while energy fuels life and time determines its existence, then a fitness program that allows you greater mobility, gives you more energy and increases your longevity is the ultimate investment. 

Long gone is the idea that a fitness program is only for beauty. We have entered a stage of humanity where healthy decisions have become a top priority not only for personal reasons but globally as well. We are fast learning that a strong body increases our work capacity and productivity. Eating real, whole foods strengthens our immune system against viruses and pathogens. Honoring our Circadian Rhythm and mindfulness is healing and anti-depressing. Choosing organic, sustainable and fair-trade are better for our health and the livelihood of our farmers.

All of these healthy decisions are tied in with a holistic fitness program. Investing time to exercise, eating well and honoring your body are means to an end, not an end in itself. 

Here are 10 benefits of investing in a fitness program.

1. Once results come, you appreciate hard work.
2. Your confidence and self-esteem grows.
3. You become fit for the long run.
4. You are more present with you loved ones.
5. You become less reactive to stress and more intentional in your response.
6. You’re less prone to viral infection or chronic disease.
7. You’re strong during your advanced years.
8. You prioritize self-care and compassion which extend to your relationships.
9. You create a sustainable way of life for you and the environment.
10. You start making decisions based on your health and the welfare of others.

In a high-speed world where life is temporary and uncertain, investing money is securing fuel for our engine. But investing in a fitness program is the process of creating a powerful vehicle that makes our stay worthwhile.

If you’re interested and ready to put in the WORK to create a EXCITING RIDE, then let’s BREAK FREE! I have a strength and conditioning class every Saturday at 5PM (Manila time) called CIRCUIT BREAKER. For 75 minutes, we’ll train PUSH, PULL or LEGS then finish off with a CORE CIRCUIT. You can join in for a minimal fee of P350. Simply send a message to register.

If you’ve already availed of my monthly training program, your entrance is free until your program expires.

As always, stay healthy and fit!

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