Results Live in the Long Term

We all want to see the fruits of our labor. But why is it that some make it look easy while some cannot seem to manifest the results they want? The problem lies in results themselves. It’s that alluring, shiny object of your dreams and when you focus on it too much, it blinds you of what it really takes to get it. You don’t get results by focusing on results. In fact, you have to forget results. Only when you take your eyes off the sun, can you see where you are going. Want to lose 5 pounds? Stop thinking about losing 5 pounds. Instead, start thinking about what it takes to achieve it. In other words, focus on the process. Here are 3 thoughts in how I would break down the process of getting results.

Step 1. Commitment. Committing to something doesn’t mean you’ll give up everything. It just means you are devoting yourself to what’s in front of you and make it work even during the tough times. Commitment to a fitness program doesn’t mean your life will become all about fitness. It just means you are dedicated to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle–which will ensure resistance. Change is hard but sticking with it–that’s commitment.

Step 2. Discipline. Commitment is to the mind while discipline is to the body. You can be committed mentally but you have to follow through with action to develop discipline. Good news is, discipline is like a muscle–once you get enough reps in, it gets stronger over time. Discipline begets discipline. Once this happens, commitment becomes automatic.

Step 3. Consistency. Without commitment in your mind and discipline in your actions you cannot reach consistency–the secret sauce to getting results. Results live in the long term. Nothing worth it comes easy and everything great takes time. Consistency is an expression of time and it’s forebears are Commitment and Discipline. 

You can’t get into Consistency without Discipline. You can’t get to Discipline without Commitment. In other words, everything starts in the mind. Dig deep and think about why you want to get results. Give the thought some time to settle in your mind so you can digest it. Once your reason becomes clear, it’s time to commit.

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