Is Getting Lean Worth It?

Whatever bodyweight or body fat % you are in right now, there are certain habits you are doing on a daily basis that support that.

If you’re leaning towards the heavy side, you may be sedentary and eating more processed foods that you think. If you are lean and toned, chances are you’re very active and have good eating habits on most days of the week.

Moving from one bodyweight/ body fat % to another takes certain daily habits, but today let’s take a look whether these habits are really doable for you in the context of your lifestyle.

Some set the goal of looking like a cover model with 6 pack abs. Do you actually have the time and energy to workout 5 to 6 days a week while counting calories?

Others have given up hope on achieving a healthy body altogether. Is it really impossible to workout 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week while simply eating more protein daily?

Today let me share an infographic from Precision Nutrition, the world’s leading nutrition education and certification program. It talks about what habits you need to do to be at a certain body fat %.

Knowing what it takes to achieve your goal will help you set realistic ones. It will save you from frustration and actually appreciate the process of getting there.

What’s your preferred bodyweight/ body fat % level? Let’s talk about setting a sustainable goal for you!

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