About the Blog


This photo was snapped the day I succumbed to measles. The vinyl store where my body broke down is the same vinyl store where the name of my blog came to me. There are absolutely no coincidences in life. Sometimes, it is in the places where we breakdown that we are able to create a new and more forward-looking version of ourselves.

What’s in a name?

It was during one of my rest days that I stumbled upon a curious record at a vinyl store entitled “Take Offs and Landings” by Rilo Kiley. The title resonated and made me reminisce my teenage years, a dark chapter of my life when I was suffering from social anxiety disorder. I would often imagine myself growing wings and soaring high in the sky to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or just to escape from the noise and turbulence within me. Rilo Kiley’s record made me think about my journey that has been a wild, unpredictable ride to say the least. Growing up, I thought life would just follow a simple and straightforward path to one’s desired destination but I guess the many surprises along the way is what makes life all worth living. Who would have thought that my magic pill for my teenage anxiety would be fitness? And, of course, fitness entailed pushing my body and my mind beyond my comfort zone!

Landing in the “Land Below the Wind” profoundly changed my life. Sabah, with all its wisdom that is shrouded in mystery, left an indelible mark in my heart. This adventure was everything I needed before taking off for the next chapter of my life. Cheers to life’s landings and take offs!

Then came my eureka moment at the vinyl store. I realized life is less about take offs and landings and is more about landings and take offs.

Somehow, many of us have already come from somewhere (troubled childhoods, failure, unrealized goals, wasted opportunities, and even empty successes) and may have just landed to a place where we can finally face ourselves, take hold of our lives, and choose to make things better. Our wings are ready and strong. We can finally take off into new a adventure! In that very moment, the name of my blog has come to me.

I realized life is less about landings, and more about take offs.

I have had the privilege of collaborating with graphic design company, Lula & B, and we are proud to launch the official logo of my blog, Landings and Take Offs, where I write my musings on muscle, the mundane and the things that keep us motivated. The logo symbolizes an eagle’s wing, all spread out and soaring!

Check out the awesome folio of Lula & B by visiting their website: www.lulaandb.com.