Success Stories

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, a recreational exerciser who wants to lose fat or an endorphin junky who looks to pack on muscle, fitness is in your hands. However, progress is always a two-way street. A program is only as good as it is properly executed. More so, what you do outside the gym and your lifestyle is a greater determining factor for your success. Here are some words from individuals whom I have worked with with different backgrounds, levels and goals.

“Working with Coach Richard made me realize how much my body can actually do and made me excited to discover what else my body is capable of doing. This mindset shift has helped me view my body in a more positive way. Beyond the technicalities of training, Coach Richard taught me that you only have one body– you can choose to hate it for all its flaws and weaknesses or learn to love it for being yours by working towards making it stronger.” –Barbie

Coach Richard Liao’s blog enlightened me to change my lifestyle and fitness outlook. The series of blog review made me start my fitness journey in August of 2018 by signing up at his online workout program. I have been going to the gym for 6 years prior to enrollment on Coach Richard’s workout program. I drank supplements pre/ post workout, tried all sorts of diet, researched workouts but didn’t produce good results at all. I kept dieting at an extreme that made me lack energy and have huge cravings. I was chasing after unrealistic standards set by social media “fitness models” and was simply uneducated. So I quit wasting my money on overpriced supplements and just took a break from the gym and dieting. I needed to work on myself. My inner peace, my mentality, everything. Fast forward to now, and I have completely revamped my lifestyle. I follow the meal plans sent to me everyday and strictly comply with the workout programs designed for me. 
I believe the effort produce huge results thanks to coach Richard. Current physique is at a normal range already and I’ve never been this happy. I personally have struggled with self-esteem issues as well as some anxiety and depression. Making healthy choices has allowed me to make positive changes in all aspects of my life. –Harvey

“After the 21 days, I felt a lot leaner and overall, healthier. I also developed the discipline to be mindful of what I put inside my body. The kind of fuel we eat will affect our performance in the short-term and in the long-term.” –Paolo

“Prior to working with Richard, I was quite hesitant to get his personal training services. I always saw trainers in the gym who pushed their clients too hard without considering their capabilities or safety of the movements. So when I first met with Richard, I told him all about my injuries, weaknesses, and goals. He took note of everything I said and incorporated them into my workouts. He started me with basic movements and slowly transitioned it to more complex movements. However he still focuses on the basics. He adjusts the workouts to my comments. When I tell him that I’m feeling tired or too sore from the day before, his workouts for me would be easier but still challenge me enough. I now feel stronger and fitter than I was when I started. I haven’t achieved my fitness goals yet but I can see that I’m on my way there.” –Josh

“I was in a pretty desperate position after enrolling in multiple one on one fitness training programs with no success. Few months ago, my friend Harvey who introduced me to Richard’s program. So far, I’ve had a great experience working my fitness goals with Richard. I always look forward to every training plan he sends me. He is a detail oriented and focus driven coach. He walks you through what you need and provides you feedback in the process. Taking his program is one of the most rewarding experience. I am very impressed with how he guided me to develop my relationship with food and exercise. His level of experience is very evident in how he customizes each plan for his clients.  All that comes into the how dedicated and passionate he is with what he does. I am grateful for this opportunity to work with Richard and I can’t wait to share my journey ahead to all of you.” — Jesuit

“Before I enrolled in coach Richard’s program, I can honestly say that I am a lazy person in the gym. I don’t like to lift heavy weights and I don’t like to get tired. There are times I don’t want to workout, and there are times I don’t finish sets.

Fast forward 33 days later, I am now in Coach Richard’s program and it’s the most effective program I have ever been! He is very encouraging and supportive. He listens to my plans and provides the best approach to my goals through workouts and nutrition. He sends me a workout everyday and I always look forward hitting the gym.

One thing I learned is: progress is not just lifting heavier weights than I used to. Progress is through discipline especially in food, the right approach and mindset during workouts, and sustaining it one day at a time! These are all I got from coach Richard’s program. Salamat bro!” –Jesper

“As a medical student who has to stay in the hospital for approximately 34 hours, finding time to focus on fitness has been a challenge. Now that I’m in a much lighter hospital rotation, restarting my fitness routine felt like I had to start from scratch. Thanks to Richard, restarting didn’t feel so difficult. I signed up in the gym that’s nearest to the hospital I’m working in and Richard designed a program for me which I can do regularly. Still need to do a lot of work but thankful because I have great help!” — Hannah

“As a competitive Crossfit athlete, I really enjoy how Coach Richard’s personalized program really gave me that extra gear that I’ve been looking for in my training. Conditioning and aerobic capacity has always been a huge problem of mine, but with the right programming and proper nutrition, I realized that I could overcome these weaknessses. Because we would take necessary rest days (or even a rest week if needed), everyday I felt ready to attack my workouts with the proper mindset for the competition without feeling burned out. Moreover, working with a certified Precision Nutrition L1 coach helped me to be more mindful about the things I put inside my body and taught me how to fuel properly before and after my workouts for more efficient training and recovery. I would highly recommend Coach Richard to everyone not just to those competing, but for everyone who wants to be in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.” –Luis

“Coach Richard’s program really tried my patience and some days, he made me hate him. BUT then, I noticed that after a week of doing his program, I can now take the stairs from the basement to the 5th floor without catching my breath and even have the energy for errands plus a workout after a 24-hour hospital duty. Endurance? Check!” — Ayn

“I just completed my first Spartan Race Sprint with only six weeks of online coaching! How amazing is that?! Who would have thought that a choice made on a whim that led to an unexpected yet timely decision was just what I needed. Glad that I trusted the process and the right coach!” — Rina

“When I found out that coach Richard had an online coaching program, I knew that it was just what I needed. With his program on hand, I was able to utilize the gym better. I have never had a personal trainer before. The equipment at the gym can be intimidating when you don’t exactly know what you need to do and thinking of a workout plan can be daunting. I followed the workouts religiously but there were times when my body didn’t cooperate but coach Richard was patient in dealing with my issues and made adjustments accordingly.” — Faye